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*** Any person who has a company, small, medium, or corporate can be worthy of receiving the "Entrepreneur Award of the year." If you have managed to be an independent person and are not employed you can still qualify to win the award as entrepreneur of the year.

*** Legally registered business in the state where the business is located..

*** Minimum of 3 years the company has been registered.

We value your effort, dedication and discipline.


You may be disqualified if during the nomination, you receive a serious traffic ticket or are found guilty in any case of courts. If you or your company participate in dangerous acts for any nation or city, department, state or any other.
You may be disqualified if you attempt any kind of bribe, fraud or action that violates the law within the Florida State or United States.

If you have any questions please contact intermediately to our office, or call at 754-444-8151 

We will have a raffle for a cruise with expenses paid for 2 people, among those who nominate the best companies for their example and support in our community.

Fla. Stat. § 849.0935

(Our organization DOES NOT ASK FOR MONEY TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS RAFFLE) you DO NOT need to pay or give money at any time to nominate your company.

Only for Florida Rules

Section 112.3215, Florida Statutes, prohibits officials, members, or employees of the State Executive Branch
who are required by law to file full or limited public disclosure of financial interests from accepting any
expenditure* from a lobbyist or a lobbyist’s principal. Lobbyists and their principals are prohibited from making
such expenditures. Legislative members and employees should refer to Section 11.045, Florida Statutes,

JMG International Group

Firm legally registered in the State of Florida, since 2009 sponsors its subsidiaries, CISUSA is a subsidiary of JMG International Group, which sponsors and awards prizes or incentives to events held by Conferencias Impactantes USA.

Year 2020

Our event will be held in the month of May, 2020, in the city of Miami; from January 2020 we will be giving the exact place, time and day of the Entrepreneur's Award of the year 2019. And the same day we will do the raffle for the cruise.