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Meet our Orgullo Hispano 2019

Conoce a nuestros Orgullo Hispano 2019

       This year our Orgullos Hispanos 2019 were nominated by the community and all of them have a beautiful and relatable story of perseverance. They truly are inspirational to other Hispanics, who like them, look to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

       Marlene has received many recognitions and awards throughout her career as communicator, ministry, and international coach. She was named Orgullo Internacional by the television network RCN, the biggest network in her native country Colombia, in the year 2014. Because of this Marlene and her child Jonathan founded Orgullo Hispano awards that is opening new roads for change in the United States.


Jose Rolando Velasco

This Hispanic Pride was born in Salvador and from a very young age his spirit of overcoming began to stand out among his community even being able to become mayor in his town, but because of political persecution, he decided to immigrate to the United States. Since his arrival, José Rolando Velasco has been working hard and has committed himself to succeeding and, therefore, became an example of Hispanic who overcome adversary. Now having multiple businesses and giving jobs to other Latinos/Hispanics, his goals are to encourage young people to study both in a university and in the word of God since Rolando is convinced that these two keys are the secret of success in every human being.

Rolando Velasco is a Hispanic Pride 2019.

Jenny Gutierrez

Jenny is a realtor, a mother, and has been characterized in being number one in advising and obtaining the dream home of thousands of families. She studies the Torah every Saturday with her children and even has time to participate in activities that support the community.

Kattia Castellanos

Victim Witness Unit Coordinator at Coral Gables Police Department.

Kattia Castellanos is called Angel on Earth for her extraordinary performance and leadership with our community

Kattia is a bilingual, dynamic, award winning motivator, speaker, consultant and trainer in issues impacting society today. She has 25 + years of experience in the crime field and advocacy presently heading a law enforcement victim's unit, providing direct services to crime victims, and previously worked with youth at risk. Such work has instilled in her the desire to work incessantly towards creating a more peaceful world. She has devoted her life to helping families create healthy relationship, empowering women & girls in safety, protection, transformation and giving a voice to those who have been silenced. Kattia specializes in the development of excellence in certification programs for victim assistance and response within the law enforcement field, and has been awarded and featured in written publications and local and international media. Recently ,Kattia was named "Hispanic Women of Distinction" for her leadership qualities. Her most prized award is the "Victim Advocate Purple Heart" for her outstanding direct services to crime victims.

Pascasio Manuel Medina and his wife

Pascasio M. Medina and his wife, are originally from Venezuela. They are considered Orgullo Hispano 2019 for their work, dedication, and creativeness in forming enterprises in the United States. They have supported families, our community, people, enterprises, cities and our kids. The participation of this couple in our community has awarded them "Orgullo Hispano 2019"

Fernando Alvarez

Fernando is a professional detective and has been characterized by working hard to return missing children to their parents. Detective Fernando supports different governmental organizations, religious organizations, foundations, and private entities that support campaigns against human trafficking and violence. He is a husband and a role model.