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Register or nominate an entrepreneur or company of 2019 that you consider is truly an example of high work and great effort in our community.

Read the rules and conditions on how to apply to be considered for entrepreneur of the year 2019. Our event for recognition will be held in 2020.

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We will have a raffle for a cruise with expenses paid for 2 people, among those who nominate the best companies for their example and support in our community.

If you nominate a company and our board confirms that it is a company that has contributed jobs, beneficial works to the community, paid some surgery for someone other than your family, supported any religious organization or simply organized events that help To prosperity and common integration with good principles and humanitarian values, you can be one of the chosen ones in a raffle to go on vacation with another person to a cruise with all basic expenses paid. (Our organization DOES NOT ASK FOR MONEY to participate in this raffle) you DO NOT need to pay or give money at any time to nominate your company.