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This great idea was created in the heart of the television production, journalist, speaker, writer and prophet Marlene Gómez, due to the great need for real and educational information in our society. Marlene has managed to bring together the best avant-garde leaders of our time, to bring you knowledge in different areas of your life, Spiritual, financial, emotional peace and integral growth!
The human team is integrated by bilingual and recognized professionals in our community, we will show you our mission and vision around the world!

Our board Director

Jonathan Ramirez

CEO Business

Mr. Ramirez at his young age has participated in large community events such as:
At age 11 he was invited to the White House, for being the number one student in the United States; From age 12 to 16 he was a cameraman at the Alpha and Omega church, he was a sansofonist at the West Wood Cristian school Philharmonic Orchestra, having presentations at one of the Walt Disney parks, he is currently a counselor and assists the beginners of engineering. systems in the FIU.

Marlene Gómez

CEO Founder

Miss Marlene Gomez, is an innate community leader, as her maternal grandparents were leaders and founders of communities in her native Colombia, at the age of 16 she began her long career as an announcer in Villavicencio, Meta, she has dedicated herself to becoming the most Young and with greater national level raging, Miss Marlene, has devoted her whole life to learning about the spirit of the human being under the divine direction and how it affects the emotions, feelings or thoughts of the human being, is a philanthropist or naturalist, has received innumerable recognitions from community leader and ecclesiastical representative of Florida for the White House.

George Cohen

lawyer  Counselor

Mr. George Cohen is Jewish descent, lawyer of profession, has dedicated his life in helping the Hispanic community to defend they rights and protect they companies from unnecessary risks. "A company must always be protected legally and financially to determine how much it will grow" Mr.Cohen's words.

Mr. Cohen has defended production rights in Radio and Television, he has been a lawyer for the well-known program Mundo sin Fronteras, created by Marlene Gómez, which keeps the copyright.

Being happy does not cost anything, but the price of ignorance is paid big!


Dime Communications

Written Producer

Worldwide Beautiful International

Financial Sponsor

Centro Familiar Mision Vida Internacional

Spritual Bulding

JMG International Group Inc.

Creative Producer